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Fee Schedule
(1st August 2023)

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These prices are for enrolled, funded patients. 

There is a $20 surcharge for appointments on Saturday.

Phone and video consultations are the standard consult fee


Referral/form completion fee $30.00

Extra Services

You can request repeats of your regular medications by calling or leaving a voicemail message with our nursing team, which are usually ready in 48 hours.

Urgent prescriptions are usually ready in 24 hours. If we have any queries about your script, we will call you back. 

Please note that all repeat script requests will only be done at the prescribing Doctor's discretion. 

Some types of services (e.g. Driver's Licences, Diving Medicals, Employment Medicals) may be charged at a higher rate as we do not receive Ministry of Health funding for this, and may require extra time for paperwork and form completion. Please let our receptionist know at the time of booking.


Payment is required at the time of consultation. Late payments will incur extra charges. We accept cheque, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard (please note that credit card payments have a 1.5% surcharge). We do not accept cash.

We also accept online banking transfers. Our account number is: 12-3252-0058771-00. Please use your name as the reference.


It has been widely publicised that New Zealand currently has a shortage of healthcare workers.


Our practice has also been affected as doctors and nurses have relocated outside Auckland and on some occasions, New Zealand. This has left us with staffing shortages and recruitment for new doctors is ongoing.


Please be aware that same day appointments may not be possible due to reduced availability.


We ask that you treat our remaining staff with kindness and respect.

Health Information Privacy Statement

Access to my health information:
I have the right to access (and have corrected) my health information under Rules 6 and 7 of the Health
Information Privacy Code 1994.

Visiting another GP
If I visit another GP who is not my regular doctor I will be asked for permission to share information from the visit with my regular doctor or practice. If I have a High User Health Card or Community Services Card and I visit another GP who is not my regular doctor, he/she can make a claim for a subsidy, and the practice I am enrolled in will be informed of the date of that visit. The name of the practice I visited and the reason(s) for the visit will not be disclosed unless I give my consent.

Patient Enrolment Information
The information I have provided on the Practice Enrolment Form will be:


  • held by the practice

  • used by the Ministry of Health to give me a National Health Index (NHI) number, or update any changes

  • sent to the PHO and Ministry of Health to obtain subsidised funding on my behalf

  • used to determine eligibility to receive publicly-funded services. Information may be compared

  • with other government agencies but only when permitted under the Privacy Act.


Health Information
Members of my health team may:

  • add to my health record during any services provided to me and use that information to provide appropriate care

  • share relevant health information to other health professionals who are directly involved in my care.


In the case of financial audits, my health information may be reviewed by an auditor for checking a financial claim made by the practice, but only according to the terms and conditions of section 22G of the Health Act (or any subsequent applicable Act). I may be contacted by the auditor to check that services have been received. If the audit involves checking on health matters, an appropriately qualified health care practitioner will view the health records.

Health Programmes
Health data relevant to a programme in which I am enrolled (e.g. Breast Screening, Immunisation, Diabetes) may be sent to the PHO or the external health agency managing this programme.

Other Uses of Health Information
Health information which will not include my name but may include my National Health Index Identifier (NHI) may be used by health agencies such as the District Health Board, Ministry of Health or PHO for the following purposes, as long as it is not used or published in a way that can identify me:

  • health service planning and reporting

  • monitoring service quality

  • payment

My health information may be used for health research, but only if this has been approved by an Ethics Committee and will not be used or published in a way that can identify me.
Except as listed above, I understand that details about my health status or the services I have received will remain
confidential within the medical practice unless I give specific consent for this information to be communicated.


To enrol with the practice please click HERE.

At your first appointment, please bring your passport (+/- relevant visas) or birth certificate to confirm your eligibility for healthcare in NZ.  

We will then request for your notes to be transferred through to us (which we usually receive within 2 weeks). 

New Patients

We charge $98 for first appointments for adults, and $48 for children (under 18). This is so we can get to know you properly, and take a detailed medical history, to give you the best possible service. 

It also helps us cover costs for administrative time spent for the doctor to review your past records and make sure we have all of your health information correct. 

Free Services

Some other services may be able to be provided free of charge, through funding from our PHO or the Ministry of Health. This may include:

  • Free Annual Review for patients with Diabetes

  • Sexual Health Consultations for some patients 22 and under (including STI checks, contraception and the morning after pill)

  • Free Annual Flu Vaccines for eligible patients

  • Extended consults for acute mental health issues, and ongoing funded follow up visits

  • Maternity care (first trimester only)

Southern Cross

Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim (“Easy-claim”) is a convenient way for Southern Cross members to claim for eligible healthcare services at the time of purchase, without completing a claim form. 

Simply present your Member card at the counter when you are purchasing eligible healthcare products and services. If your plan covers the product or service and it qualifies, they will reimburse us directly.

If you have any questions or would like further information on Easy-claim call Southern Cross on 0800 800 181 (Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm).

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