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Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Friday 22nd December - Open 8am - 3pm

Saturday 23rd December - Closed

Monday 25th December - Closed

Tuesday 26th December - Closed

Wednesday 27th December - Open 8am - 5pm

Thursday 28th December - Open 8am - 5pm

Friday 29th December - Open 8am - 5pm

Saturday 30th December - Closed

Monday 1st January - Closed

Tuesday 2nd January - Closed

Wednesday 3rd January - Open 8am - 5pm

Thursday 4th January - Open 8am - 5pm

Friday 5th January - Open 8am - 5pm

Saturday 6th January - Closed

Monday 8th January - normal hours resume.

Suite 2 tenant hours may differ from those listed above.

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  • Writer's pictureTorrance Merkle

We appreciate your understanding as we deal with staff shortages and a busy clinic with lots of flu-like illnesses, coughs and colds going around. We are aware of the long wait times at the moment. Things will improve as our staffing levels increase in the coming weeks. We are grateful for your support in the meantime, and thank you for being kind to our team as we do our best!

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  • Writer's pictureCole Rudolph

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We currently have a waiting list for enrolments. Please email to register your interest.

Thank you.

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