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COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Update

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

It's been a big weekend for us at HFD preparing for the week! We have been advised to reduce face to face consultations by 70% (see NZ Herald article And advice from the NZ College of GPs; Our current plan is to move as many consults as possible to phone or video consults, to reduce any potential community transmission of COVID-19. We will try to save 'in person' visits for things that can't wait, or things that have to be done in person.  To book a phone, video or face-to-face consult, please call reception, our nursing team, or via the contact form on our website: We expect that the situation will change frequently, so please check our website for updates (we'll be doing this daily!) We also recommend keeping yourself up to date using the Ministry of Health website: Or the NZ Government official COVID19 page:


Influenza Vaccines

Flu vaccines are now available. The Ministry of Health has ordered significantly more vaccines this year, to avoid the shortages experienced in 2019.  We are currently vaccinating anyone 65 years and over, or anyone with a medical condition (check to see if you're eligible).  We have given over 200 vaccines since Wednesday when they arrived, and have almost run out of stock. We should have more stock by the end of the week. We are planning on having Saturday Flu Vaccine clinics, and looking into other options to reduce any potential for community transmission of COVID19 - we will announce this on our website and Facebook page.  We are also going to allow people to wait in their cars after their flu vaccine for 15 minutes (if they have previously had it with no reaction), rather than the waiting room, to reduce the chances of any possible COVID19 community transmission.


New Team Members

We're very pleased to have Dr Canaan Aumua (creator of the Mitara Measles chatbot) working part-time with us this year, while he completes his Masters of Public Health. He is working Saturday mornings and variable days throughout the week.   Dr Gretchen Laubscher has also recently joined us, working Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays (and will soon be increasing her hours further).  We also have two new nurses - Mel (who was previously working in Waitakere Emergency Department) and Ali (currently covering Angela and Kims's maternity leave).  On reception, Chloe and Leverne have recently joined us.


Closing to New Enrolments

After extensive deliberation, we have decided to temporarily place new patient enrolments on hold, from the 1st of May 2020. We have grown so much in the past 4 years, but we need some time to consolidate! Family members of existing patients are still welcome to enrol, but other new patients will be placed on a waiting list.

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