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Here's a quick update to keep you posted on some of the changes.

Consultations at Level Two

All doctors, nurses and receptionists will be back in the office each week (starting Monday 18th May), working their usual hours.

We will now be aiming to have 50% of consultations over the phone or video, and resuming face to face care where needed.

If you have any potential COVID-19 symptoms (any acute respiratory infection with at least one of the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip, loss of sense of smell, with or without fever), we request that you speak to a nurse first before making an appointment. Any potential COVID-19 cases may need to be seen at a CBAC (community based assessment centre) for swabbing first.

Opening Hours

Opening hours will increase on Monday 18th May to: 

Monday - Thursday, open 8am to 6pm

Friday, open 8am - 5:30pm

Saturdays, open 9am - 12pm.

Waiting Room Changes

  • Physical distancing in the waiting room with 1.5m between chairs (6 chairs in the waiting room, and one chair outside).

  • Acrylic 'sneeze guards' in place at reception

  • The front door will be open (to reduce the amount of physical contact with the door handle)

  • All patients will still be given a mask to wear on arrival, and we will request that you use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure

Influenza Vaccines

Thanks for your patience and understanding with Flu vaccines this year! Like all general practices we have been very disappointed by organisation and delivery of these from the Ministry of Health's supply chain.

We are expecting new stock to slowly come through, with more stock expected (but not confirmed) for Friday 15th May. They are FREE for anyone 65 years and over, or anyone with an eligible medical condition (check your eligibility at Otherwise, Flu vaccines are $30. We are also going to allow people to wait in their cars after their flu vaccine for 15 minutes (if they have previously had it with no reaction), rather than the waiting room, to reduce the chances of any possible COVID19 community transmission. 

Contacting Us

We're still waiting on a patient portal to help with making appointments, requesting repeat prescriptions, and asking for advice, but our provider is still a bit behind. 

We are doing the best on the phones, but please feel free to email or use our website contact forms with any non-urgent requests. 

Mental Health Resources

Here is a list of useful resources if you're needing some support:

Free call or text 1737 for the "Need to Talk" line

(Free New Zealand based online mental health course)

(Free New Zealand mental health app)

(Link to the NZ Mental Health Foundation page about COVID-19)

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