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Medsafe forms for Amyl Nitrite (Poppers)

Updated: May 4, 2021

Dr Torrance Merkle is doing consultations for signing off of forms from Medsafe for the importation of amyl nitrite / isopropyl nitrite (poppers). He will only sign off a maximum of 6x bottles per script (3 months supply).

If you import more than this quantity, this will be considered as more than a 3 month supply, and will need to be physically collected from us at monthly or 3 monthly intervals.

Please email a scanned copy of your Medsafe forms to before your appointment. Please also have your Driver's Licence or Passport handy during your consult, so he can confirm your identity.

For clarity - Medsafe will only send you these forms if they intercept medications (including amyl / poppers) at the border.

If you would like a consultation to discuss getting a prescription to attach to an overseas order, please book a video or in-person consult with Torrance.

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