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Mon 23rd March Update

Due to the Level 3 and impending Level 4 COVID-19 status we are currently postponing all lower priority medical services - for at least the next 4 weeks, or until government restrictions are lifted.

Flu Vaccines are currently being deferred for well patients - we still have plenty of time to start giving these before the Flu season starts (usually around May). If you have a significant medical condition, please contact the nurses and we will try to arrange this for you.

From now, all consultations will be via phone or video by default. We will ask you to come in for assessment if needed, to reduce the number of people coming through the waiting room.

You will also notice that we only have a few chairs in the waiting room now, with 2 metres between each seat.

Current charges are:

$19 for Faxed scripts (we are currently faxing all scripts or dropping them to the pharmacy downstairs)

$25 for Doctor Phone/Video Consults under 5 minutes

Normal consult charge for consultations over 5 minutes

From next week (30th March 2020) we will temporarily be reducing our opening hours from 9am - 5pm. We will continue to open Saturdays for now.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during these trying times!

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